Dr. Pace is a one-of-a-kind Chiropractor. He is competent, professional, gentle, charismatic, and caring. I have scoliosis and it has been painful to stand and walk for several years. I am now painfree most of the time, and I thank Dr. Pace everyday. His brother, Phil Pace, runs the office impeccably, and I look forward to my office visits with much enthusiasm.

Linda Samuels 

Prior to coming to Dr. Pace, I had been having severe pressure and ringing in my ears. I went to three ear specialists, none of whom could diagnose a problem or offer a solution., except for one who suggested I visit a chiropractor. Since coming to Dr. Pace, my problem has been noticeably relieved, and far more tolerable - obviously accomplished through Dr. Pace's experience and expertise.

Dom Marino 

I've been treated by Dr. Pace for two weeks now, and yesterday found significant improvement. I was actually able to take a short walk and do some light exercise, which I had discontinued due to back pain. It's good to resume simple things like walking without pain - something we take for granted while we have it - makes us appreciate it! Thank You.

Janice White

Since I started receiving chiropractic care, the pain from my headaches have been reducing.

Shannon Kreamer 

Within one week, I went from barely able to roll out of bed or walk, to taking my bike for a ride and shifting with my left leg - the one that the pain used to be in! Secondly, my son is happier because I can get down and play with him more.!

Lora Lee Wood 

Ever since I started seeing Dr. Pace, my body has loosened up to the point that I don't even need the pain meds. It is a great thing to have this kind of treatment available to those of us who don't want to be on meds for the rest of our lives.

Julia Seide 

Not all chiropractors are the same. I went to a few with minimum if any results. One day I decided to give Dr. Pace a try, and within the first couple of days, experienced more mobility and less pain than I had in quite some time. Thank you!

James Oliveri 

After a complete explanation about the spine and related muscles/tendons/nerves, Dr. Pace was very kind and patient with me. After my first adjustment, I felt 100% better, and continued to feel even better with every visit.


I have been a patient of Dr. Pace's since 1989. I have found that nothing helps me quite like his care. The most recent incident of this was - I was diagnosed with 'golfer's elbow'. I went through three months of physical therapy, three cortisone shots, and vioxx, and still saw no improvement. It was only when Dr. Pace took over the care, when the pain subsided. I recommend Pace Family Chiropractic for overall health and well-being!

Deborah Lentz 

I suffered with a pinched nerve a couple of times in my life and the pain was always excruciating. The pain would last 4 - 5 days and impair driving and many other day to day tasks. After coming to Dr. Pace, I've noticed a difference in my general health.. Then came the dreaded 'pinched nerve'. I came to see Dr. Pace after deciding there was nothing to lose. The change was remarkable! There was instant relief! I couldn't believe the difference. I was positively giddy that night on a long drive to New York with my husband and three year old. I couldn't, and still can't, stop talking about how much better I feel!

Jeannette Colwell 

My range of motion, not only in my back, but in my neck as well is fantastic! I feel I have made immense progress in a short period of time, thanks to Dr. Pace. I appreciate the educational approach this office takes in my chiropractic care. The professionalism and patient care here is excellent, not only from Dr. Pace, but from the entire office.

Amanda Blais 

I came here not able to walk without very bad pain in my back and leg. After receiving four treatments, I am amazed how well I am walking and doing everyday tasks with very minimal pain! I am so grateful to Dr. Pace.

Janet Cole 

I had numbness and tingling in my hands and also pain in my neck and head for months. Dr. Pace had me feeling better in days - back to normal activity. My visits to Dr. Pace's office are always pleasant and helpful.

Laura Spacer  

Had chronic pain in my left shoulder/back area for six years, and after a few months of treatment, the occurrence frequency is significantly reduced and for the most part, gone!

Donald Casale, Esq. 

For months, I woke up daily with a stiff neck on my right side. After a few treatments, the pain subsided. With continued adjustments, I no longer have stiff neck pain in the morning.

Anthony Aresco 

I have been coming in for a little over a week, and I already feel better and can walk with a little bit of pain and sleeping much better.

Ralph Ringer 

Began seeing Dr. Pace for stiff, aching back muscles which after several visits have improved considerably. Flexibility of my back has improved and I am sleeping better at night.

Douglas Mellor 

I work in construction and I was always in pain. The pain traveled down my left leg. After two weeks in Pace Family Chiropractic, my pain is gone! I feel so much better.

Guy Federico 

After just three visits, I feel so much better. I am actually swinging a golf club pain free. That hasn't been the case in years. I also have more energy.

Vincent Bono 

After eight weeks of physical therapy with little to no relief, I came here, and in 15 minutes, I was able to sit, stand, and ride in the car with no pain. Thanks!

Daryll Welch 

I came in about two weeks ago with pain and tingling in my wrist. After two weeks, it seems to have disappeared.

Ryan Spacer 

I have suffered with back pain for a very long time. After giving the situation some thought, I decided to give chiropractic care a try. I'm very glad that I made this decision. After one week of treatment by Dr. Pace, I am very close to being pain free. Dr. Pace and Phil are very kind and compassionate people, and I'm glad that they have helped me and have become a part of my life. Thank you!

Kenneth Ianuzzi 

I came into the office because I was experiencing pins and needles and some numbness that I got in my leg. After one adjustment by Dr. Pace, within a day, the numbness and pain in my leg subsided. I also had pins and needles in my fingers, and slowly it is helping my carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms.

Rosanna Proia

  • Great service!

    - Jeff

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