DOT Physicals

If you work as a commercial truck driver and in certain other “safety-sensitive” roles, you’ll be required to undergo a DOT Physical. These physicals are used to ensure that people operating large commercial trucks, vehicles that can carry more than 15 people, and certain other pieces of equipment, are healthy enough to operate the equipment. Keep in mind that DOT physicals can only be performed by experts certified by the Department of Transportation. Are you looking to undergo a DOT physical in Saugus, MA? Get in touch with Pace Family Chiropractic. Dr. Brian Pace can perform DOT exams.

A Closer Look at DOT Medical Exams

Among other things, the DOT physical is designed to identify individuals who may be at high risk of suffering a medical event while operating commercial equipment. Most people in good health will have to take a DOT physical once every two years. If individuals present a high risk of suffering a medical event, they may be barred from operating commercial vehicles or may need to mitigate and control their condition to reduce risks.

Things that will be examined during a DOT medical exam include:

  • What medications you’re taking.
  • Whether you’ve ever undergone surgery.
  • The presence of various conditions, including diabetes, high blood pressure, and poor vision.
  • Consumption of alcohol and illegal substances.

If an operator suffers from certain conditions, like diabetes, it does not automatically bar them from operating a commercial vehicle. However, they will have to undergo DOT exams more frequently and may need to demonstrate how they are managing their condition. For example, someone with diabetes may need to keep blood sugar logs and undergo Hemoglobin A1C (HgAIC) testing.

If you suffer from cardiovascular issues, you may need to obtain a letter from a cardiologist stating that it is safe for you to operate a commercial vehicle. Should you have a vision impairment, you will need to demonstrate that you have the proper corrective glasses. You must demonstrate that you have 20/40 acuity in each eye and 70” peripheral in the horizontal meridian. You can undergo vision testing while wearing glasses.

If you’d like to schedule DOT physicals in Saugus, MA, contact Dr. Pace at Pace Family Chiropractic.

Where Can I Undergo a DOT Exam?

Many different providers can provide DOT exams. However, Dr. Pace is experienced at getting patients through the process efficiently. A DOT physical typically takes less than an hour to complete. Make sure you bring any necessary paperwork, eyeglasses, and other essentials.

If you or your loved ones live in or near Saugus, MA, and need to undergo DOT physicals, contact Pace Family Chiropractic. Dr. Pace can be reached at (781) 231-3492.

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