DOT Medical Exams

Dr. Brian Pace and his team at Pace Family Chiropractic serving Saugus, MA, are proud to offer DOT medical exams to those patients needing to maintain their commercial driver’s license. In addition to this invaluable service, we offer complete chiropractic care to our community working with our patients to achieve their healthcare goals.

More About DOT Medical Exams

DOT medical exams are a serious business. DOT stands for the Department of Transportation. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is the branch of the DOT that requires commercial vehicle drivers to undergo this physical exam with a certified medical examiner (CME) to assess their health and certify them to drive. These medical examiners include several types of healthcare providers, but they must be listed on the FMCSA national registry for them to issue a valid medical certificate.

A DOT medical certificate can be valid for up to 24 months, but your examiner may issue a certificate with a shorter validity if there are concerns, or if there are preexisting health conditions.

What to Expect From a DOT Medical Exam

A DOT medical exam is a physical exam that Dr. Pace at Pace Family Chiropractic serving Saugus, MA, offers drivers trying to obtain or maintain their commercial driver’s license (CDL). You should expect the following from this assessment:

  • You will be asked to complete a health history form.
  • A full and detailed medical history will be reviewed. This includes questions about what medications you take and any preexisting conditions you have.
  • You will undergo a complete physical examination including hearing and vision tests.
  • You will need to provide a urine sample for routine urinalysis.

Please note that this urinalysis is not a drug test.  Sometimes your employer may order a drug test, which we perform here at our office for convenience, however a drug test is not part of the examination for a medical card.

DOT medical exams help keep drivers, passengers, and all road users safer on the roads by confirming that the driver in question is healthy. A DOT medical exam is very thorough. To ensure a smooth process, please be prepared to answer detailed questions about your health.

Passing a DOT Medical Exam

Certain pre-existing conditions immediately exclude patients from successfully obtaining clearance, but mostly, we recommend that you maintain a healthy lifestyle including regular exercise and proper eating habits while managing your medical conditions correctly. We also recommend avoiding excessive smoking and drinking.

If your CME is satisfied with the results of your exam, the records will be transmitted electronically to the FMCSA registry, and you will be issued a DOT medical card or medical certificate.  

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